• About US

    Mobile game publisher based in Vancouver, Canada and Seoul, Korea.

    Established in 2017 by a group of industry experts and passionate RPG publishers,

    the company aims to bring fun and immersive games to the global market.

    Local & Trendy

    North America and Emerging Market focused

    We are making greater efforts to deeply understand local game user and trend. Our localization service will be the best choice for your game.

    Experienced Professional

    Real experience makes success

    We pride our highly qualified and passionate game publishing team.

    Our team successfully handled many kinds of game genre.


    Market Expertise

    Influencer Marketing Expert

    Current marketing environment is chaotic.

    Our user-centric marketing strategy and communication will show you a new way.

  • NEWS

    News Update. February 3. 2018 Trends come and go on the App Store, this has always been the case. Some trends have been more enjoyable than others, as they ebb and flow with whatever big title is topping the charts at the time. But it seems a new trend is cooking in 2018: MMORPGs, with the...
    NEWS / UPDATE Jan 25, 2018 GoBoogie Games and NJ Interactive are pleased to announce that their hit MMORPG Fellow: Eternal Clash will be receiving a Western release to iOS and Android devices. It will be coming to North and South America as well as India. It tells the tale of two rival factions...
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