• Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy of Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games)


    Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) (the “Company") discloses the privacy policy of the Company as below in order to protect your privacy and personal information, and to promptly and effectively handle any related grievances.


    Article 1 (Purpose of Personal Information Process) The Company shall process personal information for the following purposes. Personal information that is processed shall not be used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if there is a change in the purpose of use, the Company shall take necessary measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


    1. Membership and management of Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) application (the “App”) and homepage (the “Website”, referring to both Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games).io and Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games).com)

    The Company shall handle personal information for the purposes of verifying the intention to join, identifying ID and authentication of members for membership service, maintaining qualification for membership, verifying identity of member according to the enforced personal identification system, preventing illegal use of services, and making various notice.


    2. Provision of Services

    The Company shall handle the personal information for the purposes of providing services, sending contracts and invoice, providing contents, providing personalized services, verifying identity and age, settling and paying bills, and collecting the bonds.


    3. Handling of Grievance

    The Company shall handle the personal information for the purposes of verifying identity of the complainant, checking the complaint, contacting for fact-finding, and notifying the result of grievance handing.


    Article 2 (Period for Processing and Retaining the Personal Information)

    (1) The Company shall process and retain personal information within the period allowed by the laws or for during the period that you give consent upon collecting the personal information.

    (2) Period for processing and retaining each personal information shall be as follows.

    App and Website Membership and Membership Management: Personal membership information shall be retained until such membership is canceled; provided that in occurrence of any of the following cases, membership shall be canceled as of the date of such occurrence.

    1) In case that investigations or inspection is underway for a violation of related laws and regulations, it shall be continued till the investigation or inspection is ended.

    2) In case that there is an obligor-obligee relationship due to the use of the App or the Website, it shall be continued till the obligor-obligee relationship is ended.


    Article 3 (Rights and Duties of Data Subject, and Exercising Method)

    (1) You may exercise the rights related to the following privacy protection at any time against the Company.

    1. Request for access to your personal information

    2. Request for correction of error, if any

    3. Request for removal

    4. Request for suspension of process

    (2) The exercise of the rights pursuant to Paragraph (1) may be made through written document, telephone, e-mail or Fax. to the Company and the Company will take action for that without delay.

    (3) If you request correction or deletion of personal information, the Company will not use or provide the personal information concerned until the correction or deletion is completed.

    (4) You must not infringe the personal information or privacy of other persons in violation of relevant laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act.


    Article 4 (Items of Personal Information Processed) The Company processes the following items of the personal information.

    1. Membership and Membership Management

    - Individual membership: name, address, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, and copy of ID

    - Corporate member: name of company, name of representative, address, telephone number, e-mail address, business registration number, and document proving business

    - Affiliated Member: e-mail address


    2. Provision of services

    - Purchase of Assets

     Individual member: name, contact information, email address, identification number, wallet address, gender, nationality, address, and copy of address certification (ex. Copy of resident registration, waterㆍelectricity bills, etc.)

     Corporate member: name of company, name of representative, address, telephone number, e-mail address, business registration number, and document proving business


    -Service improvement, etc.

     Service usage information, access logs, cookies, access IP information, browser information, OS information, device information, date and time of access, improper usage record


    3. Customer consultation

    - Individual member: name, address, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, copy of ID, records on use of services, and wallet address

    - Corporate member: name of company, name of representative, address, telephone number, e-mail address, business registration number, and document proving business

    - Affiliated Member: e-mail address, wallet address, contract address for the transmission of Project Cryptocurrency, wallet address of participant


    Article 5 (Destruction of Personal Information)

    (1) The Company shall destroy personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary owing to the expiry of the retention period, attainment of the purpose of processing the personal information, etc.

    (2) If personal information needs to be kept in accordance with other laws and regulations despite the expiry of the retention period consented by you or the purpose of processing of personal information has been attained, the Company will transfer the personal information concerned to a separate database (DB) or retain it at other storage place.

    (3) Procedures and methods of personal information destruction are as follows.

    1. Destruction procedure: The Company shall select the personal information for which reason for the destruction occurs and destroy the personal information with the approval of a personal information protection officer of the Company.

    2. Destruction method: The Company shall destroy personal information which is recorded and stored in the form of electronic files using the technical and physical measures blocking recovery and revival of the information, and the personal information recorded and stored in the paper document shall be shredded or destroyed by the shredder.


    Article 6 (Measures to Ensure Safety of Personal Information)

    The Company takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.

    1. Administrative measures: Establishment and implementation of internal management plan, regular education for staff, etc.

    2. Technical measures: management of rights to access the personal information processing system, installation of access control system, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security program


    Article 7 (Storage of Cookies)

    (1) The cookies referred to in Article 4.2 means extremely small text files sent by the servers used to operate the Services and the Website to the browser of the Member, stored in the computers of the Member. The purpose of the cookies is provide personalized and customized services for each Member by storing information on the configuration and preferences of each Member.

    (2) Names, telephone numbers, and other information that can be used to identify individuals are not stored in cookies. The Member has the right to choose whether or not to install cookies. In other words, the Member may personalize web browser settings in using the Services to allow all cookies, require confirmation each time cookies are stored, or refuse storage of cookies altogether. However, if the Member refuses storage of cookies, usage of the Services may become inconvenient and difficulties may be faced in usage of some services requiring log-in.

    (3) Examples of personalizing web browser settings with regards to cookies are as follows.

    1. Internet Explorer

    - Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings

    2. Chrome

    - Settings > Advanced > Content settings under “Privacy and security” > Cookies


    Article 8 (Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation)

    If You are the user using the Software in European Union (hereinafter, the “European Union”), please read carefully and fully understand the terms and conditions in this Section [Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation]. European Union contains the following countries : Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia


    Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) always uses its best efforts to comply with the applicable terms and conditions in General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter ' GDPR ').


    The definition of the Personal Data in this Section (the “Personal data”) has the same definition with such Article 4, Section used in GDPR and Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) will process such Personal data in accordance with the relevant provision in GDPR. Accordingly, as part of our efforts, Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) will collect your Personal Data only for providing and exploiting the Software and, upon achieving such purposes, Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) will use its best efforts to immediately and promptly delete all your Personal Data.


    Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) can collect and utilize the following type/scope of the Personal Data for providing the Software and helping you use the Software more efficiently:


    [Collected Information]


    (a) The Information to be collected while you using and exploiting the Software: Device information, Log information, Internet protocol address. Location information, Unique application numbers, Cookies


    (b)The information to be collected while you consulting with Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) (or you receiving any help from Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games)): User contact information, including, but not limited to, email, phone number


    Under GDPR, you can request Goboogie Entertainment (Goboogie Games) (i) to delete your Personal Data; (ii) to limit the usage scope of your Personal Data; (iii) to correct your Personal Data which is wrongfully written or reported; or (iv) to take other actions allowed to you under the GDPR. Upon your request or demand, Neowiz will use best efforts to promptly respond to your inquiry and/or demand in accordance with the applicable provisions in GDPR. However, with any result or measure caused by your request, your usage of the Software would (can) be limited or prevented.


    In respect to your Personal Data, if you have any questions, give any injury or wish to complaint, please feel free to Personal Information Protection Officer at Article 9.


    Article 9 (Personal Information Protection Officer)

    (1) The Company designates a personal information protection officer who is responsible for the handling of personal information, handling of complaint and damage relief as follows.


    ▶ Personal Information Protection Officer

    Name : Jang Hoon

    Title: President

    Phone: +82-10-2691-5930

    E-mail : privacy_policy@goboogiegames.com


    (2) The Member may contact the personal information protection officer and the personal information protection manager for questions, complaints, damages relief, etc., related to the personal information protection issues which have occurred in the course of using the services or business of the Company. The Company will respond promptly to your inquiries.


    Article 10 (Changes in Privacy Policy) This Privacy Policy will be effective from Oct. 1, 2020.